About the Program

The Dickinson Iron Community Services Agency (DICSA) coordinates a local weatherization program to assist income eligible households (home owners and renters) with reducing their heating costs. A computerized energy audit determines the type of measures to be addressed, then licensed and insured contractors complete the work.

In addition to the improvements made to the home, you will receive energy education from the housing staff of DICSA. The educational information will provide you with the ideas on how to keep your energy costs down all year.


Please read the following information and refer to the income guidelines, then consider how this program could benefit you. There are no costs involved and it is easy to get the help you need to save money all year round!


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Request For Quotations


Typical Items Addressed

Wall insulation
Attic insulation

Floor insulation

Duct sealing/insulation


(caulking, weather stripping, door sweeps, ect.)
Blower-door testing

Health safety:

(dryer venting, smoke alarms, carbon monoxide testing, gas appliance safety and efficiency testing, ect.)

PLEASE NOTE: We do not replace roofs, furnaces or windows.

Wait List

At this time, there is a significant waiting period for the Weatherization program. Therefore, if you are interested in applying for the program, you will first need to be added to the Weatherization call list.

Then, when your name comes up on the call list, a DICSA representative will contact you to continue with the application process.

The application process requires you to gather documentation such as proof of income and home ownership, and come into the DICSA office for an appointment.

How can I be added to the Weatherization Call List?

If you're interested in the Weatherization program and want to be added to the Weatherization Call List, please contact the appropriate representative below. They will check your income against the income guidelines and if you're income eligible, you will be added to the call list for your county.

Please note: if your home has been weatherized after 9/30/1994, we are unable to weatherize it again per grant guidelines.

Telephone: 906-774-2256


Questions after the Application Process

If you have specific questions about the Weatherization program or your home was previously weatherized and you now have questions, please contact:

Don Tramontin - Housing Services Director
Telephone: 906-774-2256, x214















This program is paid for in part by funds from the Department of Energy. DICSA adheres to an Equal Opportunity Policy for participants.

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